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Traditionally, calibration gas was supplied in cylinders, but this method has notable limitations. Calibration gas cylinders are typically mostly filled with clean, dry air, making them highly inefficient. In a 10 PPM cylinder, for instance, 99.999% of the content is air. Calibration gas generators, on the other hand, leverage the ambient air at the calibration point, blending it with the desired gas, offering significant advantages.

Calibration gas generators produce gas on demand, eliminating the need for storage. This approach provides several benefits compared to older methods, as the gas is only generated when required, and it is never pressurized. Calibration gas generators are safe for air transport and do not degrade over time. Many customers use the same calibration source for 5, 10, or even 15 years without any loss of calibration quality.

The on-demand gas generation enables a single calibration source to produce adjustable concentrations, unlike cylinders, which offer fixed concentrations. Most generators can provide concentrations ranging from 0.25 to 125 parts per million, and the flow rate can be varied.

In summary, calibration gas generators offer unlimited shelf life, safe air transport, selectable flow and concentration, compatibility with interchangeable gases, portability, and exceptional accuracy.

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Advanced Calibration Designs

Advanced Calibration Designs (ACD) was founded in 1988 with the mission to develop and manufacture the most dependable, accurate, reliable, and affordable gas calibration standards in the world.


Gas Calibration Services Ltd

Gazcal by Gas Calibration Services Ltd offers a straightforward and convenient solution for on-demand generation of low-level PPM chlorine. This cost-effective and portable method ensures accessibility when needed, addressing the complexities associated with traditional storage methods.

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